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Sunsetting Owlytics

We are shutting down Owlytics. We are very grateful for your trust in our idea, and agreeing to become a beta user of our early release. We will be deleting all your data in 8 days. If you wish access to your data, We can upload it on S3, and share a link across with you, which we will keep up for 30 days. For more info about this you can contact us.

Our Story

At PushOwl, one of the recurring questions that we faced was - how is our customer base performing in terms of retention and growth? Although our logo and revenue were growing in terms of absolute number, we were not sure of the retention numbers of our customers on the Platform. If either of our logo or revenue churn was greater than our growth, our growth will most likely flatline and even start reducing to the point, where no matter how much we spent on marketing, we would not grow.

We picked up Owlytics as a hackathon idea to build dashboards which can help us track our logo and revenue growth numbers. Me along with some existing members of the PushOwl worked together to spin up a working prototype. After launching it internally, and seeing some traction from team mates, we decided to launch it as a separate product.

However, I underestimated the efforts that it takes to build a product SaaS company, and I could not put in the kind of effort that it takes. My day job kept me occupied for most of my time, and my personal life for the rest of it. We were also not able to find good product market fit for the product, and at best, we could have copied Partner Metrics or other similar tools, due to limitations on type of data that we get from Shopify GraphQL APIs. I did not want to commit my time in something that I did not believe in very strongly.

So, for these reasons, we are closing shop. I would give my entrepreneurial journey another shot, and I have to say, I have learnt so much by talking to some of you, building and launching a product. And I have to thank you for your trust in our idea and execution.

Abhishek and Rafi.